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Fitbit Charge HR: Wearable Fitness
There’s one less excuse for not getting in shape for bikini season. Fitbit, the pioneer of the fitness-tracking wristband, has added to its line of game-changing products the Charge HR, a high-performance tracker featuring continuous, automatic pulse-generated heart rate monitoring and a full day’s worth of activity-tracking. With its five-day battery life, the Charge HR allows you to chart calories burned, activity level and heart rate. This device is ideal for regular exercisers looking to increase their fitness goals.


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MODA XS: Styling Sound

In an audio market that’s suddenly saturated with Hollywood hype, how can you be sure that the buds you’re buying actually deliver sound quality? Fortunately, there’s an option that combines both sleek design and superb audio performance. Italian manufacturer V-MODA makes some of the world’s finest high-fidelity headphones, and its newest, the V-MODA XS, demonstrates fashion-forward wearable technology that won’t compromise sound. This is largely due to the ergonomic design — the XS features the patent-pending CliqFold Hinge that allows the memory-foam cushioned earpieces to fold into the arch band. Because it’s so compact, it tightly contours to your head and creates better noise isolation. This “wind-tunnel worthy” design exemplifies the motto behind the XS: the fit is the sound. Add 40 mm Dual-Diaphragm drivers, and you have a pair of chic, portable and totally blast-worthy headphones.


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Narrative Clip 2: Never Miss A Half Minute Again
We always have a camera on hand in our smartphones, but sometimes we’re not quick enough on the draw. To truly capture life’s passing moments, the Narrative Clip 2 houses the smallest wearable camera, automatically capturing 5-megapixel resolution images every 30 seconds. The camera easily clips onto your clothing or can be worn inconspicuously around the neck, taking photos silently, all day, wherever you go. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts for up to two days, and the device pairs with mobile apps and the web to catalog all recorded moments. Connect to a computer via USB to create a montage that documents your life as you live it.




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