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Take Note
Apple may have surprised everyone with its launch of the enormous iPhone 6 Plus, but it was Samsung that made the phablet trendy almost four years ago. Samsung pioneered the oversize screen with its first Note, and the latest iteration doesn’t fall short of its competition. The latest Note’s 5.7-inch, 1440 x 2560 resolution screen (just a smidge larger than the iPhone 6 Plus) boasts one of the most impressive displays on the market. Running on Android’s new fast and smooth 4.4 KitKat platform, this sleek Note includes a superior 16-megapixel camera and comes with the S-pen digitizer stylus, a convenient pressure-sensitive tool for writing and note taking. With a remarkable battery life and seamless multitasking, Samsung has clearly gained an edge from its extra years in this category., $299 and up with a two-year contract from most service providers

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The New Remote Control
Just when we thought TVs couldn’t become any sharper, brighter, or larger, one Indiegogo crowdfunded company debuts SkreensTV, the answer to every tech-savvy family’s arguing over control of the television. SkreensTV is a small (7-by-2-inch) Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled box with 5 HDMI ports that essentially segments your current TV screen into multiple boxes, allowing up to six people to use the same television for different purposes. With storage capacities ranging from four to 64 gigabytes, the box routes the signal from several devices (cable box, computer, gaming consoles, Roku) to a single screen. A unique companion app transforms your phone or tablet into a remote from which you can adjust screen sizes. Could fighting over the remote control become a thing of the past?, Prices from $399.

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3D Swing
Give the next best thing to a perfect golf swing. The Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer promises to take your game to the next level via a small sensor that clips onto your glove and connects through Bluetooth to your phone or tablet. The result? Immediate feedback on your swing in perfect 3D rendering. Instantly analyze aspects of your swing, including club speed, swing plane, tempo and hip rotation. The new video analysis feature even allows you to compare your drive with the pros. Goal tracking and other measurement tools ensure your game will never be the same., $150

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