The Luxury of Sleep

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Thread counts. Comforter fillings. Pillow firmness. These are all taken into consideration when we decide how to go about equipping our boudoirs to ensure the best night’s sleep possible. Department stores and high-end specialty boutiques offer an overwhelming selection of accoutrements for our beds — pricey bells and whistles with labels such as Egyptian cotton, sleep numbers and pressure points. In our quest to find sleep utopia, the simplest and most basic mantra is often overlooked: It’s in the mattress.

Fortunately for the droves of sleep-deprived, a professor at the University of Granada in Spain conducted an in-depth and measured experiment on sleep quality with results that were “very interesting and unexpected,” and directly linked electromagnetic radiation with sleep disruption, oxidative stress, aging and issues with the immune system. This team of professors was able to gauge the study by using a uniquely crafted, highly specialized mattress. Commercial jingles and witty slogans can’t beat science — and that’s why the BioVital bed is revolutionizing sleep.

As a company, BioVital has invested its 25 years in the business into conducting extensive research and performing published university studies to ultimately create the holy grail of mattresses: the BioVital Rest System. And that is exactly why BioVital cannot be categorized as a mere mattress — it is a total sleep system.

Before delving further into the proven science backing its claims, a first glance at this ultra-premium mattress would peak even the most steadfast night owl’s interest. Like most luxury mattresses, it is fabricated from all organic materials. Each of the carefully crafted materials also serves a specific purpose in aiding the best sleep through the most comfort. The mattress itself is made of ecologically cultivated cotton combined with 70 percent cashmere. On one side of the mattress topper, merino wool from Australia acts as a body temperature regulator, absorbing moisture and keeping you cool in the summer and toasty through the winter. The topper also contains lanolin to soften and hydrate the skin. At the base of the mattress lies a sheet of natural coconut fiber that acts as a moisture absorbent, allowing the mattress to maintain a comfortable temperature and appropriate ventilation. In fact, the entire mattress is free of any chemical or synthetic mix.

But the groundbreaking discovery behind BioVital lies in more than its luxurious material makeup. The actual mattress itself is grounded, meaning there is a layer of small silver threads knitted into the fabric, creating a shield that protects against electromagnetic fields and surrounding energies. Why is this revolutionary and important? Because in our daily lives, it is nearly impossible for us not to be exposed to electromagnetic fields — think cell phones, computers, microwaves, power lines. Dozens of scientific studies, including the most recent ground-breaking one mentioned above, have concluded that exposure to these fields on a regular basis drastically decreases the production of melatonin in our system. In short, melatonin is the hormone secreted in the brain by the pineal gland that helps you go to sleep. Since the pineal gland is magnetic itself, it is affected by the many electromagnetic fields we are exposed to daily. As a result, the production of melatonin is reduced, and that is when our many health problems start. When the brain is producing melatonin to its fullest, you fall asleep faster, sleep better and reap the many benefits that go along with that. The graphite mesh in BioVital’s mattress cover channels this accumulated electromagnetic energy that swells in our bodies. While the most basic elements of other mattresses — synthetics, foams, metallic frames, etc. — amplify this static energy, the BioVital bed is completely free of any metallic elements, allowing it to act as the perfect grounder.

The scientific research backing the BioVital bed, however, proves much more regarding the advantages of uninterrupted, healthful sleep. Because of its natural soporific properties, curling up atop a BioVital Bed will actually prevent signs of aging, increase one’s immune capacity, reduce stress and anxiety levels and improve overall health. In fact in 2006, BioVital received medical recognition as being the “best antioxidant and anti-aging product… under controlled rest conditions” from the National Congress of the Spanish Society for Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging.

We’ve become too used to operating on such little low-quality sleep due to the proliferation of electromagnetic fields in our lives and their subsequent adverse effects on melatonin production. But BioVital beds’ intensive clinical studies reveal how the mattress itself draws this static contamination we can’t avoid storing in our bodies. Within less than five minutes of lying on a BioVital mattress, you begin feeling heavy and relaxed; your body is actually being drained of electronic contamination. Within 20 minutes of lying on top of a BioVital, you will be enjoying your most optimal, salubrious sleep, and in turn reducing your stress levels and increasing the quality and longevity of your life.

At the moment, BioVital has patented this design and is the only mattress company utilizing the scientifically proven technology, paving the way for a new generation of beds. For anyone who wants to be healthier, look younger and live longer, this is the sleep system to consider.

Technology has infiltrated our lives, and it has entered our bedrooms as well. We wake up to — and fall asleep with — a digitized, electronic world. On the plus side, science, too, is pioneering a new era of sleep. Imagine truly waking up a different person — it gives a whole new meaning to “a good night’s rest,” doesn’t it?

Exclusive Distribution Comes to the U.S.
Locally, visit Brickell Mattress, South Florida’s specialty sleep store, to try out a BioVital bed. Pricing for mattress and topper available on request.

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