TASTE OF TOWN: Chef Nilton Castillo

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Nilton Castillo’s Grilled Lamb Quinoa Lollipops


For the Pear Almond Puree

1 lb. pears

1/2 cup shallots

1/2 cup garlic

Salt to taste

4 oz. heavy cream

12 oz. almonds

6 tbsp. oil


For the Lamb Chops

3 lb. lamb chops

2 oz. red wine vinegar

2 oz. soy sauce

4 oz. aji panca paste

2 tsp. cumin

Salt & pepper to taste


For the Shaved Vegetables

1/4 lb. asparagus

1/4 lb. cherry tomatoes

1/4 lb. baby zucchini

1/4 lb. baby carrots

1/4 cup fennel sprigs

1/4 cup mint

Salt to taste

4 oz. extra virgin olive oil

Juice from 3 lemons


For the Salsa Anticuchera Demi Sauce

6 oz. lamb scraps

3 oz. garlic

3 oz. onion

4 oz. aji panca paste

2 cups lamb stock

Salt & pepper to taste


For the Crispy Quinoa

2 qts. blended olive and corn oil

1 cup quinoa

Salt to taste


Boil quinoa 15 minutes. Drain. Dry 3 hours. Mix ingredients for lamb chops in a bowl; marinate 3 hours. Deep fry quinoa at 350°F until crisp. Drain. Add salt. Grill chops on medium-high, 3 minutes each side. Roll chops in quinoa. For puree, coat pears with half the oil. Roast 25 minutes at 375°F. Peel. In a sauté pan, add remaining oil. Lightly caramelize shallots and garlic. Roast almonds. Puree all ingredients in blender. For demi sauce, caramelize lamb scraps in a pot. Add garlic and onion; cook until slightly browned. Add aji panca paste, lamb stock, salt and pepper. Reduce by half. Remove lamb scraps. Blend sauce and pass through fine colander. Reduce again. Shave vegetables with peeler and mix with remaining ingredients.


Chef Nilton Castillo

Chef Instructor

10395 NW 41 St., Suite 125

Miami, FL


Instagram: chefnilton

Twitter: @NilCastillo

Facebook: nilton.castillo.5


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