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A fresh approach to the art of renovation.

The unique partnership of architect Laurie Swedroe and interior designer Katherine Biscardi is already making its mark on the South Florida scene. The young firm recently completed a grand-scale renovation of the public spaces at the iconic Turnberry Towers condo in Aventura. On a lesser scale, but equally important in their opinion, was their renovation of a spacious private residence in the iconic Las Olas River House.

South Florida Luxury Guide: What was your favorite part of working on the public spaces at Turnberry Towers?

Laurie Swedroe: Our job at Turnberry incorporated the main lobby, the concierge area, the circular boardroom, two social rooms and 28 residential corridors. This was the first-ever major updating of the 34-year-old, 30-story luxury residence. Our favorite part of the work centered on our ability to implement architectural transformations.

SFLG:  What were some of those transformations?

Swedroe: By raising the main lobby ceiling, we were able to capture the marvelous exterior light and landscape that surround the building. With the extended ceiling height, we were able to showcase the impressive nine-foot Murano glass chandelier that dominates the space.

SFLG:  What was your favorite part of working on the residential renovation at Las Olas River House?

Katherine Biscardi: We really enjoyed the challenge of working in a space with curved exterior walls. Such unique shapes offered the opportunity to custom design most of the apartment’s furnishings. As a result, the furniture and the living room’s carpet were all custom designed to accommodate space limitations as well as the natural curve of the exterior wall’s architecture.

SFLG:  What other challenges did the unusual architecture bring?

Swedroe: We designed and installed soffits as a means of defining the configurations of the living and dining rooms. By removing the wall above the kitchen sink, the area opened up to a panoramic view of the city. In addition, natural light now fills the space, making it appear larger. A final application of metallic paint on the ceiling reflects the light and actually makes the ceiling appear higher. 

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