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1 – BeoLab 18 by Bang & Olufsen

The visually stunning new BeoLab 18 by Bang & Olufsen is a wireless speaker that combines advanced acoustics, innovative design and flawless craftsmanship to deliver stunning sound clarity. This model earned Bang & Olufson the International CES Best of Innovations 2014 Award in High Performance Home Audio in January of 2014.

The BeoLab 18 starts at $6,590. Available at Bang & Olufsen Lincoln Road (Home Partners LLC) 305.913.8787, B&O South Miami (BCAV Inc.) 305.661.9830 www.   And B&O, Miami Design District



2 – The Neptune Pine Smartwatch

The Neptune Pine is, at first glance, a technologically ambitious smartwatch with all the functionality of a smartphone and more. However, the Pine also disconnects from the watchband to operate like a mini-tablet and can mount on a multitude of various accessories, such as the Neptune Helmet.

The Neptune Pine smartwatch starts at $335. Pre-order yours at



3 – Fugoo Tough Speakers from Fugoo

For a Bluetooth speaker that can travel anywhere and take a serious beating, you need look no further than the Fugoo Tough. Smartly designed with a 40-hour battery and a shockproof, dustproof, waterproof and snowproof jacket, you’ll never need to worry about pumping up the jams wherever you are.

The Fugoo Tough starts at $229. Purchase yours online at

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