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The KidFit is a wearable wireless activity and sleep

tracker designed to help children build healthy habits

with the help of integrated technology. The easy-to-use

LED interface is housed within a stylish “slap-band”

style bracelet that comes in an array of fun colors. The

software automatically connects via Bluetooth and

tracks goals on distance and sleep that link to fun and

encouraging rewards. Parents can also program their

own goals and all progress can be tracked daily and

monitored from their phone.

The KidFit starts at $49.99 and is available

for order at


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With the power and functionality of a laptop and the

sleek portability of a tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro

3 is the perfect piece of tech for working on the move.

The lightweight Surface Pro acts as a tablet at first,

but setting up the kickstand and adding the ultra-thin

keyboard makes the quick transition to laptop mode.

A 12-inch HD display and front/rear cameras even

mean you can capture everything in HD on this mobile


The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 starts at $799. Pick up

yours today at the Microsoft Store in Dadeland Mall.


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The highly anticipated ARCHOS Smart Home System is

a wireless, customizable interface designed to transform

your home into a fully connected network capable of

amazing things. Using an Android tablet, mini cameras,

movement detectors, and weather tags, the ARCHOS

Smart Home system lets you monitor your home like a

pro, and each part of the system is inconspicuous and

designed to have a battery life of a year. The system can

even connect to pre-existing home automation devices

that communicate via radio frequency.

The ARCHOS Smart Home starter pack is available for

$249.99 at




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