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by Vanessa Molina Santamaria

For more than three decades, Beatrice “Bea” Pila of B. Pila Design has been wowing the world of interiors with her distinct “enlightened” spaces inspired by the belief that everyone deserves to have their own sacred space. Pila recently launched a new furniture collection, Hide & Seek, featuring a playful yet sophisticated interpretation of acrylic designs. She also has a book, Sacred Spaces for Inspired Living, which is slated to be released in September.

DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONAL DESIGN STYLE: My style is that of my respective clients; it’s important that my work refl ects their voice and story. That being said, my personal aesthetic skews to the eclectic, spiritual and, most importantly, fun!

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO WRITE YOUR BOOK, SACRED SPACES FOR INSPIRED LIVING? I like to refer to my book as my outlet for giving back all that I’ve learned over the years. Everyone deserves to have their home feel sacred, so I wanted to provide a step-by-step process on how to do that.

WHAT’S ON YOUR DESIGN WISH LIST? Lately, I’m into candles and soft pillows. Pieces by Nest Casa, V Rugs & Home and Kevin O’Brien Studio particularly appeal to me.

WHAT IS B. PILA DESIGN’S MOST POPULAR ITEM? Our signature piece is the Player’s Chair. It’s based on the iconic silhouette of modernism, but with the twist of acrylic and fun upholstery options. Also the Game On Ping-Pong Table. You can go from dining to playing in a matter of minutes.

FAVORITE ARCHITECTURAL GEM IN SOUTH FLORIDA: The Bacardi Building on Biscayne Boulevard. It’s minimalist in design, but so striking in color. It was truly ahead of its time.

GO-TO PAINT COLOR: Cloud White by Benjamin Moore. It’s the perfect neutral that sets a warm backdrop to any style or hue.

DESIGN TRENDS YOU ARE MOST EXCITED ABOUT: I love that color is back! The era of the stark, monotone, showroom-like space is over.

FAVORITE HOME DÉCOR STORE IN SOUTH FLORIDA: Besides my own retail store, Artistic Lifestyle, I love all the vintage shops off of Biscayne Boulevard.

DESIGN RULE YOU LOVE TO BREAK: I tend to bypass the notion that the sofa is the most important item in the room. I love injecting lounge elements, conversation pieces and gaming vignettes, because that’s what inspires people to get together and really connect.

B. Pila Design Studio and retail storefront, 2610 SW 28 Lane, Miami; 305.856.7916;

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