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Surprise them with the unexpected. This seems to be designer Reginald Dunlap’s mantra. The principal interior designer at Miami’s Luxe Design & Finishing loves to add the element of surprise to the spaces he designs. “Styles change,” says Dunlap. Perhaps nowhere is that more true than in Miami, where of-the-moment trends can quickly become the latest obsession, then virtually disappear overnight. You need to have a good eye to know what’s truly timeless. Thankfully, Dunlap has excellent vision.
One of his favorite emerging trends is having a painter create a custom pattern or design on a wall that one would assume to be wallpaper. “I’m using street graffiti in a lot of my clients’ homes as well,” he adds. “I treat it like stylized art, sort of like Louis Vuitton does for its handbags.”
That isn’t the only trick up Dunlap’s designer sleeve. “I like monochromatic designs with pops of color,” Dunlap says. Of course, he gives them a twist. “I used a blue Hermes scarf against a gray box on a wall for one client. If she gets bored with it, she can swap it out for a yellow one,” he says with a smile.
Dunlap and his partner, Martin Elortegui, a successful developer and builder, created Luxe Design & Finishing less than two years ago. Together they bring to the firm more than 30 years of experience in their individual fields.


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“I’m passionate about every aspect of design,” says Sara Shelton, senior designer for Britto Charette, LLC, in Miami’s Wynwood district. “I describe my design style as timeless, sophisticated and modern, but I do like a touch of glitz at times,” she says, smiling.
Shelton takes her inspiration from the clean lines found in modern architecture, natural elements and her travels across the globe. “I love the unique challenge that each project presents,” she says. “My satisfaction comes in knowing that my designs have the ability to create an atmosphere of wonder and excitement for my clients.”
As a member of Britto Charette’s multi-lingual design team, her global experience is reflected in the firm’s constant sourcing of the finest furnishings and fixtures from around the world. “All of us thrive on creating luxurious interiors for our clients,” she says. “My goal is always to gain the trust of my clients. I listen to their needs, then I get busy creating a sophisticated space that blends form and function and way surpasses their expectations!”

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