By nature, automobiles are moving works of art. But these models take the term “art car” to new levels of intrigue.

By Jerry Perez

A Grand Tradition

BMW is the first name that comes to mind when we think of art cars, as the brand has a long-standing tradition of partnering with world-renowned artists. For 2017’s “Art Car No. 18,” BMW tapped Chinese artist Cao Fei to reimagine its M6 GT3. As the youngest person to create an art car for BMW, Fei used augmented-reality technology to push the boundaries of human imagination. The car’s matte-black, carbon fiber body comes to life through a smartphone lens as thousands of swirling lights reflect onto the viewer’s hands.

Larger than Life

The 2017 Range Rover Autobiography art car by contemporary British artist Teddy M is the first SUV of its kind. The project mixes the latest customization techniques with traditional hand-painting, resulting in a striking geometric exterior with Hockney-like colors. The artist partnered with the experts at WrapStyle U.K., who hand-cut and applied the design under his sole direction. His signature heart icon graces the hood, covering the “heart” of the vehicle.

J’ADore Duaiv

French-American artist Duaiv is no stranger to the world of art cars. Having masterminded designs for Ferrari, Lamborghini and Ducati in years past, the South Florida-based artist’s bright and purposeful brushstrokes now adorn his newest canvas: a 2016 McLaren 675LT Spider. The powerful palette of colors and abstract lines commandeers the eyes, making Duaiv’s style and character almost palpable. Finished by MetroWrapz, the “Longtail” is one of only 500 vehicles produced worldwide.

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