“Healthy skin is a direct reflection of our inner health and the lifestyle we lead,” says nutrition and healthy aging expert Paula Simpson, whose clients include top celebrities, professional athletes, executives, even children. Paula is also advisor to many leading cosmetic and natural health companies.  

“Nutrition and its effects on skin health and aging have, not surprisingly, become a key component within the natural skincare market. The combinations of an oral dietary supplement (Nutricosmetics) along with topical skincare have gained traction within this sector.”

I sat down with Paula to find out how we can incorporate nutrition into our skincare routine.


How are Nutricosmetics changing the future of skin care?

Although proper nutrition and a balanced eating plan is a starting point for optimal health, nutricosmetics can offer certain nutrients in higher concentrations for healthier skin. Getting this amount from diet alone can be very difficult to attain on a daily basis. Unlike topical products, nutritional beauty programs work internally throughout the body to promote healthy skin cell renewal and protection against environmental stressors.


Speaking of environmental stressors, what are some ways we can protect our skin here in South Florida?

Chronic sun exposure weakens skin’s immune response and is a key factor in accelerated skin aging. Certain dietary and supplement ingredients have shown promising results (in conjunction with topical SPF) in warding off the damaging effects of the sun. Antioxidants such as those found in green tea, berries, red cabbage, citrus spinach and even red wine may offer protection to support skin immunity.


What foods have the most impact on our skin?

Some of the earliest studies connected the Mediterranean diet with a healthier skin appearance and reduced occurrence in skin conditions.


What is the most important thing we can do for our skin to give it the youthful glow?

Nourish (inside and out), hydrate, supplement, stay active, meditate, sleep — REPEAT.


Are there any new products trending on the beauty front that you are currently working on?

My latest venture is the recent launch of ZSS Skincare, a nutrition-focused, scientifically driven and naturally derived skincare system. Each system includes the leading skin antioxidant zeaxanthin, one of the few antioxidants that can be actively absorbed and utilized in skin tissue, along with complementary, naturally derived ingredients to support healthy skin from the “inside out” and “outside in.”


What was the driving factor behind ZSS Skincare?

Clinical data continues proving the correlation between gut and skin health. This is why we created ZSS Skincare Method 2 clear skin — a nutrition skincare system clinically proven to calm skin irritations and rebalance skin health by providing antioxidants, marine oils and pre/probates to rebalance skin micro flora and reduce oxidative stress. ZSS Skincare Method 1 is for radiant skin.


Where can ZSS Skincare be purchased?





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