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Mansions Spa & Hammam

Hammam spas are popping up in residential developments across South Florida.
by Ana Connery

A number of new South Florida luxury developments are incorporating traditional Moroccan sanctuaries known as hammam spas into their community plans. Designed to cleanse the body while relaxing the mind, many hammam spas are co-ed, allowing you to relax and unwind in the company of a friend or significant other. With temperatures hovering over 100 but lower than most steam rooms and saunas, most feature multi-level, smooth marble slabs perfect for lounging. “Hammam spas are becoming a trend much like yoga and meditation,” says Neil Zuleta, director of interior architecture and design at Holly Hunt, the furniture design company behind the L’Atelier Residences, a 21-residence boutique oceanfront luxury high-rise in Miami Beach that will feature hammam spas. “It’s becoming increasingly important to create spaces that encourage self-reflection, mental health and well-being.” Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the most anticipated residential developments to feature a hammam spa experience:

The L’Atelier Residences ( will provide private, intimate spaces designed to accommodate two residents for a spiritual and immersive cleansing experience. The spa will boast two heated benches and two hand-held showers within a room encircled by soft rounded lines. A water vessel will serve as the central therapeutic element. The room will feature a variety of blue, silver and gold color tones, constructed of alternating pure stone and mosaic tiles made of both stone and glass. Dark blue coloring on the floor will gradually become lighter as the room rises to the ceiling, alluding to a celestial-like experience enhanced by indirect lighting meant to resemble stars. This is the first South Florida residential development designed by the creative team at Holly Hunt.

Future residents of Reach and Rise in Brickell City Centre ( will marvel at their exclusive spa featuring a shared hammam complete with dipping pools, showers and steam rooms. Also included in the spa will be treatment rooms and a blowout bar as well as a separate area for manicures and pedicures.

Tucked into the Sunny Isles neighborhood on Miami Beach, the Mansions at Acqualina ( will feature semi-vaulted ceilings clad in white stone mosaic as well as walls donned in white marble slabs with soft light glowing between each layer. The focal point of the hammam will be its large monolithic belly stone (also referred to as navel stone) highlighted by a backdrop of the rare Corteccia stone native to Romania. Connected to the hammam will be a shower room with pulsating water jets jutting out from both the ceiling and walls. The sister property to the Mansions at Acqualina, the Estates at Acqualina ( will also feature a hammam.

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