Home Design: Updates for the Holidays

by Morgan Miller

The spring and summer months are typically the most popular for renovations and remodels, but in sunny South Florida, weather permits such projects year round. This is good news for anyone playing the role of holiday host or hostess this season, because it’s certainly not too late to add some last-minute updates.

According to Cope Construction Corp CEO Johnnie Cope, an intensive kitchen or bathroom remodel “can take anywhere from three to four months,” as planning, sourcing and obtaining materials can be very time consuming. Quick renovations, however, which can involve simply updating appliances, light fixtures and adding fresh coats of paint, can still add value to your home and greatly enhance the aesthetics of your space.

Cope launched Cope Construction Corp in Miami 20 years ago. Offering everything from design services to restoration, build-outs and new construction projects, he’s noticed some trends in his clients’ preferences.
“A lot of South Florida residents are interested in outdoor spaces, such as kitchens and dining areas. A new front door, walkways or landscaping are also positive improvements.”

Expanding your deck or lanai for a backyard Thanksgiving cookout will definitely give guests traveling from up North something to look forward

to. However, if you’d rather build up your interior, the kitchen is one of the best places to start.
It’s easy to understand why parties always end up congregating in the kitchen. More than just a place to prep meals and hors d’oeuvres, the kitchen is a warm place where we find nourishment for our bodies and our souls. Incorporating design elements that reflect a nurturing atmosphere in the kitchen will put a smile on your guests’ faces and create the perfect backdrop for the savory smell of your stuffed turkey roasting in the oven.
“Perfect lighting fixtures can make a huge impact,” says Cope. Whether your kitchen is modern-chic or cozy cottage style, installing overhead lights that jive well with your design can tie the whole room together.
Of course, a fresh coat of paint in any room of the house can really change the look of the space and provide a colorful canvas to display your holiday decorations. Whichever route you choose to take, there’s still just enough time to add little changes and a bit of character to your home before the guests arrive, so get renovating!

Cope Construction Corp is a design and building firm located at 1116 Biarritz Dr., Miami Beach, FL. For information on services, contact 305.866.8617.

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