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Matcha Green Tea Opera

Pistachio Crumble

Butter 3.5 oz

Sugar 3.5 oz

Almond Flour 3.5 oz

Flour 3.5 oz

White chocolate 6.3 oz

Oil 0.5 oz

Pistachio paste 1.0 oz

Chopped Roasted Pistachio 2.5 oz



In a mixing bowl combine the first 4 ingredients

Roll out thinly and bake at 350F for 5/6 mn and cool down

In a mixer with pedal pour the cooled mix and add the white chocolate melted, and rest of the ingredients .

Mix well and spread into frame 35 cm x 28 cm and put aside


Chiffon Matcha

Oil 11.5 oz

eggs 14 oz

water 9 oz

Flour 22 oz

Sugar 17 oz

Matcha powder 3.5 oz

Baking powder 1 TBS

Egg white 18 oz

sugar 13 oz



Pour all ingredients except the egg white and last sugar with wisking for 10 mn.

Wisk the egg white and the sugar separate to top pick combine both mixture and spread on  a full sheet pan and bake at 325F for 10mn

Cool down and cut 2 equal pieces 35 x 28


Matcha Mousseline

Milk 10 oz

Matcha Powder 0.5oz

Yolks 1.5 oz

Sugar 1 oz

Egg white 3.5 oz

Sugar 6.5oz

Water 1.5 oz

Butter 9 oz



Make a pastry cream with the first 4 ingredients and cool down

Bring to a boil water and sugar to 220F

Pour it on the eggwhite to create a meringue

Once it is cool down add the softened butter

Mix between both and set aside


Lime Glaze

Glaze 7 oz

Lime zest as needed



Zest the lime and mix with the glaze, set aside



White Ganache

White Chocolate 11.5 oz

Half and half 3.5 oz

Trimoline 1 oz



Bring to a boil the half and half and trimoline

Pour on the white chocolate and set aside to cool down


Assembly and Decoration

Take the frame of the pistachio crumble

Spread evenly the matcha mousseline, place a chiffon biscuit and spread the white ganache

Repeat this process twice,

Finish with a layer of green velvet and decorate with a silver leaf and berries.






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The Christmas Star Martini!


Licor 43 Spanish Liqueur

Egg Nog Ice Cream

Milk, Red Sugar (Rim)

Cinnamon and Star Anise



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“Deviled Quail Eggs”


 A Dozen Quail Eggs


Caviar & Scallions




Start By Boiling The Quail Eggs Until They’re Fully Cooked Inside. Peel The Eggs. Scoop Out The Cooked Yolks And Grate Into A Bowl. Mix With Mayonnaise And Pipe Into Hard Egg White. Garnish With Caviar And Chives.

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