SpaceShip Two

You are now free to float about the cabin. Commercial space flight has arrived and is now offering customers admission to the world’s most exclusive club. Only 543 people have gone to space. Virgin Galactic will make space possible for you and many others.

Vastly improving on SpaceShip One, which was flown with one pilot/passenger, SpaceShip Two will carry six passengers and two pilots in a 60-ft. carbon fiber frame, with every seat having the best view via large windows on the side and overhead. The flight experience begins at the world’s first commercial spaceport, Spaceport America, located just south of Albuquerque, with three days of preparation. For the first portion of the climb skyward, SpaceShip Two will be attached to its mothership, appropriately named Eve. When it reaches 15 km, SpaceShip Two will detach from Eve and engage its hybrid rocket motor, thrusting the vessel faster than the speed of sound to 100 km, which is by international law where space begins. At this height, in the silence of space, passengers will be able to float freely, view the curvature of the earth and presumably engage in a series of well-deserved high-fives.

The inaugural flight is reserved for Virgin’s owner, Richard Branson, and his family, and the subsequent flight queue has begun to fill up quickly with notable names. Leonardo DiCaprio, Sarah Brightman, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss and others have put down their deposits to secure seats. If you reserve your seats soon, you might be able to high-five Leo in zero gravity. That’s surely worth twice the price.

Tickets aboard SpaceShipTwo start at $250,000. Bitcoin accepted. For more information visit


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