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Barrys bootcamp

Coach to 5K, Surfset, Crossfit, P90X…If the latest fitness trends have you spending more time stretching your workout knowledge rather than your muscles, don’t sweat it. Nationally certified personal fitness trainer and founder of the Naked Formula, Janette Janero, dishes on South Florida’s seven hottest spots to get your burn on — off the beach.
by Michele Marin

Workout 1: Power Vinyasa Heated
Best For: Flexibility / good for beginners
Where you can find it: Green Monkey
Intensity: Easy to Moderate
Workout time: 60 Minutes
What to expect: Promoting blood flow throughout the body and into the muscles, the room is heated to a temperature of about 85 degrees. You flow from one position to another at your own pace, challenging yourself with movements that you probably haven’t done since you were a child.
You will need: A mat (or rent one at the studio)
Location: 1827 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach   305.397.8566 | greenmonkey.com
Other locations: Coral Gables, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, South Naples

Workout 2: JetSet Body
Best For: Developing muscle mass without adding too much size
Where you can find it: JetSet Pilates
Intensity: Moderate to Difficult
Workout time: 50 minutes
What to expect: Using the Megaformer, this Pilates-inspired workout utilizes the Lagree System, which fuses strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility, core and balance training. You enlist your core muscles throughout the entire class.
You will need: Non-slip tread socks and a hand towel
Location: 401 NW 26th St., Miami   305.814.4434  |  jetsetpilates.com
Other locations: Coral Gables, Miami Beach, North Miami (coming soon)

Workout 3: Orange 60
Best For: Losing 10-30 pounds
Where you can find it: Orangetheory
Intensity: Moderate to Difficult
Workout time: 60 minutes
What to expect: Interval training session using treadmills, row machines and various resistance training tools. Intensity is monitored using heart rate monitors provided by Orangetheory, to keep track of your heart rate “zone.” Instructors coach you on when to push into the optimal “Orange Zone.”
You will need: A towel and water. Eat two hours 
prior to class
Location: 244 Biscayne Blvd., Miami   786.431.0294  |   orangetheoryfitness.com
Other locations: South Beach, Coral Gables and Aventura

Workout 4: Hot Power Yoga
Best For: Beginners
Where you can find it: Miami Yoga Brickell
Intensity: Mild to Moderate
Workout time: 75 Minutes
What to expect: A complete mind and body yoga experience, in a room set to 92 degrees. Hot power yoga is a full body workout, detoxing and toning, while allowing you to get deep into the mind, both spiritually and  emotionally.
You will need: Mat, towel, and water
Location: 301 SW 17th Road, Miami  954.857.3985  |  livelovebeach@icloud.com

Workout 5:  Fly 45
Best For: Low impact aerobic conditioning
Where you can find it: Flywheel Sports
Intensity: Moderate to Difficult
Workout time: 45 minutes
What to expect: An indoor cycling class that allows you to monitor your performance and see how it ranks within the performance levels of other participants. The instructor will guide you through challenging routines while keeping the energy levels high with a playlist from the in-house DJ.
You will need: Just yourself. Free towels, bike shoes and lockers to use during your time in the studio are provided.
Location: 1919 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach   305.763.8227   |   flywheelsports.com
Other locations: Boca Raton and North Miami

Workout 6: SUP the Workout
Best For: Those needing a low impact exercise or recovering from an injury
Where you can find it: Indoor Paddle Fitness Studio
Intensity: Moderate
Workout time: 60 minutes
What to expect:  In a unique and beautiful environment featuring water LED lights and upbeat music, you use the KayakPro SUP Ergometer machine. Every class ends with an exhilarating 500-meter dash. Times are recorded to compare your performance with others and gauge your improvement.
You will need: Must do a “First Class,” which is offered daily. A buy-one, get-one special is offered with the purchase of your “First Class.”
Location:  3096 Fuller St., Coconut Grove   561.644.6873   |   suptheworkout.com

Workout 7: Full Body
Best For: Creating a lean physique while improving cardiovascular health
Where you can find it: Barry’s Bootcamp
Intensity: Difficult
Workout time: 60 minutes
What to expect: A high intensity, full body workout that alternates between interval cardio routines on a treadmill and resistance training intervals using dumbbells, medicine balls and resistance bands. A dark atmosphere with red lights overhead creates a private environment
You will need: Water! Lockers and towels provided.
Location: 1835 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach    786.888.1699   |   barrysbootcamp.com
Other locations: Midtown location (coming soon)


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