For a cigar so close to a real Cuban cigar it could fool the experts, head to the oldest cigar factory in Little Havana, Miami — the Cuba Tobacco Cigar Co. This family-owned and family-run business is in its fifth generation and relies on the family’s 120 years of experience as tobacco farmers and tobacconists to produce some of the world’s finest cigars. At the helm is owner Don Pedro Bello, a third-generation Bello tobacconist who was awarded the Crystal Leaf Award in 1998 in recognition of his life’s work. Using time-honored traditions passed down from father to son, Don Pedro Bello maintains the family legacy with his commitment to quality in every detail. Starting with 100 percent Cuban seed, their tobacco is grown in Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Leaves are then cured in the family’s secret tradition and blended using Don Pedro Bello’s distinct techniques. Finally, the cigars are handmade using the rolling method that was perfected by the Bello family in the late 1800s. The result — premium boutique cigars with a signature style characterized by palatable smoothness, rich flavor and bitterless finish. While most of the company’s cigars are made in their Honduras factory, their elite products, including the Bello — their original and oldest cigar brand — and the Bon Bon, are made in Little Havana. Their third and largest factory will soon open in Esteli, Nicaragua. The Cuba Tobacco Cigar Co. is located at 1528 SW 8th Street in Miami. Call 305.649.2717 or visit   The Bello Family History 1896—Don Bello migrated from Spain to Cuba and established his first tobacco fields and cigar factory. The Bellos became leaders in the Cuban tobacco world for quality products. 1959—Following the Cuban Revolution, the Bello family decided to leave the country and move to the US to settle in Miami. Here, they continued the Bello family tobacco traditions, opening their factory in Little Havana, Miami. The company soon became the largest manufacturer of premium cigars in the US, earning them international recognition and a place among the cigar elite. 1998—Don Pedro Bello was honored with a Crystal Leaf Award in recognition of a lifetime of passion, dedication and contribution to the cigar industry. Today—The family legacy continues with fourth-generation Pedro “Peter” Bello Jr. and his son, Angelo, the fifth generation of Bello tobacconists with the oldest factory in Little Havana, Miami.   Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 2.18.05 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 2.17.59 PM

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