Pack Easier

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Have you ever wished you could stroll over to the airport without the hassle of packing? Or that your luggage would magically appear at your hotel? Well, Garde Robe Online’s one-of-a-kind Luggage-Free Valet service lets you do just that.

Members of the luxury storage, organization and valet company just say where and when, and their clothing, toiletries, sports equipment and personal items are delivered straight to their home or hotel. No more packing, unpacking, waiting in baggage claim or Customs lines. And when the trip ends and it is time to pack up and go home, Garde Robe has you covered. The items are retrieved and shipped back for inspection and cleaning.

A fashionista’s futuristic dream, Garde Robe stores all garments in newly renovated loft spaces featuring top-of-the-line climate control, air purification and an ideal storage environment for long-term preservation of textiles. Storage prices begin at $350 monthly per rack, which stores 50 items, 10 custom shoeboxes and a box for accessories including handbags, wraps, belts and more.

For additional information on Garde Robe, or to become a member, call 305.455.0763 or 888.427.3311, email or visit

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