Meet Your (Cocktail) Maker

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The Rum Line is a new Caribbean-inspired bar and private event space tucked inside the St. Moritz tower at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. We sat down with bar director Robert Ferrera, for the lowdown on what guests can expect from the new hot spot.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’ve been bartending for 16 years and have worked behind every style of bar— from nightclubs to fine dining restaurants. I take a little bit from each place to mold my own style, which is that to create the ultimate drink, you have to have everything from the perfect glassware to the proper spirit. Each element plays a role, whether it’s bourbon barrels straight from Kentucky or small batch rum straight from the Caribbean.

What inspires you when creating a new cocktail recipe?
Walking around farmers markets, listening to music, watching the news — you name it. Sometimes I’ll find an ingredient I want to use, and I build a drink around that. Sometimes the names come first. There is no exact science to the madness. Obviously, rum plays a big role in the cocktails at the Rum Line. But we want to be playful, too, so we create drinks like the Donkey Kong, which harkens back to the 1980s video game. It’s made with banana liqueur and garnished with barreled monkeys.

What’s the signature drink everyone should order at the Rum Line?
The Cargo Ship. We use local Panther coffee and reduce it, so you get a nice punch without it overpowering. I make mole bitters and use Batavia arrack, which is a perfect counter to spice and sugar. It’s not like anything you typically taste in a cocktail.

The Cargo Ship
1.5 oz Ron Zacapa 23
.5 oz Batavia Arrack
6 drops mole bitters
1 bar spoon Panther Coffee reduction

Serve in a Talisker Storm–rinsed glass over one big ice cube.

at 601 Collins Ave., Miami Beach

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