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I have been a developer of high-end, specialty real estate in Vail, Colorado for the past 30 years. We have developed over a half a billion dollars of real estate and more than a couple of hundred million in equity development. I wanted to personally thank you for the very efficient and creative way you finished our most recent speculative development on Forest Road. Although I have worked with Innovative Creations before, I must compliment you on your dedication and wonderful design eye; you rank among the top decorators I have use anywhere in the world. The job was done creatively, on budget, using the most luxurious, high-end furnishings we have seen in any of our projects. Your attention to detail, down to the very final finishes, impresses our firm. Should the right project come along in the future, we would be thrilled to work with you again. Thank you for a job well done! - Ron Byrne, President Ron Byrne and Associates Real Estate and Development

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