GIVEAWAY: Leonor Greyl

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Want to win a basket of award-winning hair care best sellers from Leonor Greyl? Enter by tagging a loved one (or more!) on the South Florida Luxury Guide’s Facebook page and describing why they’re beautiful to you. Both the tagger and tagged will be entered to win a basket full of hair-enhancing goodies, sure to up the glam beauty lover.

Products up for grab:
Baume Bois de Rose – Modelling and Sculpting Balm – Matte Finish, $49
This styling balm shapes and sculpts hair into any style with a matte finish. It can be applied to wet or dry hair and remodeled as desired to add volume and texture without hardening on the hair. Its non-greasy formula nourishes and protects the hair from external damages. Its rosewood fragrance is a nice finishing touch and leaves a delicate trace in the hair suitable for men and women.

Huile de Leonor Greyl – Pre-Shampoo Oil Treatment, Travel Size, $19
This pre-shampoo oil treatment is most effective if applied to dry hair.  It is most effective if applied prior to applying a shampoo or treatment.  It is a multi-purpose blend of botanical oils that facilitate detangling, while protecting and nourishing your hair.  Refined copra oil which comes from cold-pressed coconut kernels and mongongo oil, extracted from the nuts of an African tree that grows in the Kalahari Desert both possess excellent hydrating, regenerating and restructuring qualities which have been combined to reinvent your global cult favorite.  Contains natural UVA/B sun protection filters and protects hair against the damaging effects from seawater and chlorine.

Lait Lavant a la Banane — Gentle Shampoo, $45
This milky formula based on plant proteins and banana extracts will give softness and body to fine, limp or oily hair. Ideal for daily use or after exercising.

Masque Orchidee — Deep Conditioning Mask for Thick, Dry Hair, $65
Silk proteins, vegetal ceramides and oils work together to smooth, detangle, protect and restructure hair fiber. Leaves hair soft and manageable. Color safe.

Serum de Soie Sublimateur – Nourishing and Protective Styling Serum, $46
Silk proteins and vegetal ceramides and oils work together to help detangle, smooth, condition and nourish without weighing your hair down. Helps protect hair from the sun and heat styling. The perfect formula for all hair types.

Behind the success of the LEONOR GREYL brand, there are all the ingredients of success: the expertise of more than 40 years in hair care treatment using only natural products, the passion of healthy and glamorous hair and the most important: the love of her profession. Follow the brand on twitter and Instagram at @leonorgreylusa.


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