Edward De Valle II

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President of EDV Enterprises

Q: As president of EDV Enterprises, you run three distinct companies. How do you manage?
A: My slogan is “Being efficient is an attitude.” For Forbes Magazine, of which I am president for Central America and the Caribbean, I rely on a super editorial staff in Mexico and a sales team in Miami, Central America and the Caribbean.

I also do my best to keep clients in the know of what’s trending in advertising. In October, my company AMGW of Miami merged with three global agencies and I became the CEO of 3A Worldwide, the largest independent international full service marketing and communications firm with corporate hubs in Miami, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid.

Finally, Toybox is a fun business. I love to hear our associates’ stories. OH! Justin Bieber is looking to rent a house from us.

Q: You’ve earned several awards during your career, including being named a Top 50 Entrepreneur by Business Leader magazine in 2012. What are you most proud of?
A: Being able to help my family do whatever they want. After raising me, they should not have to struggle with money or stress, it’s the least I could do. I was always a serial entrepreneur; what seemed fun to me was really a lot of work on them. Now I spend my wealth and time with my parents, my husband-to-be and close friends.


Q: What is the key to your global success with 3A Worldwide?
A: We are helping companies within the Americas do business with each other. We are able to execute a marketing plan for any client in 24 Latin American countries, from the Caribbean down to Chile, in less than 48 hours. Imagine the power of hiring a company that can have you in 10 different press events all on the same evening in three different time zones.


Q: Your clients include prestigious brands like The W South Beach and Trump. Why are you so successful with luxury brands?
A: With luxury you need two components — consumers who dig it and have the disposable income to buy it. Makes no sense to market luxury to consumers who cannot afford the product. We position the brands in their sphere of influence. Our clients value the fact that we do much more than re-tell the story of their new collections.


Q: Tell us about Toy Box Luxury Rentals
A: Toy Box is a concierge company inside the Marina of Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic. Services include villa, yacht, jet and daily fun-in-the-sun rentals that allow you, your family, friends and/or clients to plan curated travel itineraries.


Q: Your family is legendary. In fact, your great-great-grand-father was the fourth president of Cuba. How has your family’s success inspired you?
A: My family is pretty cool. I wish I had been able to do some of the things my great-great-grandfather did. But on my journey I wanted to travel, be creative and change perspectives. To be a politician you need to play the game, and that was not me. My drive came from my grandmother and my mom. My mother still tells me, “In America to be depressed is a luxury. No one has time for that, so even when you’re down you get back up no matter what.”


Q: What’s your advice for someone interested in starting their own company?
A: Be prepared to fail. Starting a company is like a roller coaster; you need to know it is not always up. Be prepared for the down part and you will be A Ok.


Q: Place to grab a drink in Miami?
A: Baoli on South Beach


Q: Thing to wear?
A: I always wear blue jeans, Christian Dior belt, black shoes from Rossetti, a white button down and a blue jacket from Prada. At night I usually only wear black. It’s easy, fast and elegant.

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