Dayzine: The One-Day Design Makeover

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The New York and South Florida based design firm Frances Herrera Interior Design recently introduced the “Dayzine,” a luxury one-day makeover service that’s timely and cost-effective for home, business or even yacht owners who want the attractive cohesion of professionally designed space without having to start from scratch.

It all starts with a detailed questionnaire to understand the client’s interests, preferences and priorities. In the two weeks following, the team tailors a plan to perfectly match the client’s tastes, incorporating new elements like wall and floor décor, curtains and accessories that jive with the existing furniture. Lastly, implementing the design takes just four to six hours and gives clients “livable luxury” — a gorgeous new haven that is comfortable, stylish and uniquely “you.”

Frances Herrera Interior Design also offers full-service transformations.

To learn more, visit or call 866.605.8111.

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