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I have lived 4 blocks from Actor’s Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre for several years. I had never attended a show there until a friend of mine invited me to share a pair of tickets he had and could not use. I went and was surprised that I had such a great time, just down the street from my home. The show was one of those that makes you laugh and cry all at the same time. I went home, got on the internet and checked out the next shows. I ended up buying tickets for them AND became a season ticket holder for the next season. The staff is so down to earth and accommodating, and they take the time to work with you to get the best seats. I have never been disappointed by any of the shows. The talent is really good. I always laugh out loud and cry like a baby, at every show! From the lighting, to the sets, to the orchestra, it's all amazing! Another great thing about going to this theatre is that parking is easy and the area is full of great places to eat and shop before and after the show.

Tim Wagoner
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