Trending Yachts: Serenity at Sea

The charter yacht Sherakhan lures guests to sea with its numerous spa and wellness amenities.
By Diane M. Byrne

In classical mythology, the sirens were marine seductresses whose enchanting songs lured sailors to their ultimate destruction. The “Spa de la Sirène” on Sherakhan, a luxurious 13-stateroom charter yacht, similarly entices seafarers, but the results are anything but dangerous.

In fact, the Spa de la Sirène is one of the highlights of the 228-foot-long Sherakhan, which devotes ample space to pampering its guests. A full-time therapist accompanies every journey, offering various spa treatments in the private massage room (think: Swedish, hot stone and Balinese massages). The spa area also features a Finnish sauna, a cold-water tub and a hot tub, while the master suite has its own private Jacuzzi.

Sherakhan may help you leave your worries on land, but don’t forget to bring your appetite. A resident chef creates each day’s menu around your tastes. You can dine alfresco or in the formal dining room, which includes a grand dining table underneath an atrium rising 23 feet high. Natural light spills down through the glass ceiling, which is also the floor of the pool up on deck.

Sherakhan also offers plenty of ways for guests to stay active. Aside from its onboard gym, which is equipped with a stationary bike, a treadmill, an elliptical and more, Sherakhan carries an impressive assortment of water toys such as kayaks, windsurfers and paddleboards. If you have specific wishes, like working out with a yoga instructor (or indulging in manicures and hair styling), those can be accommodated upon advance request.

Even more healthful opportunities await on this lavish charter yacht, where dedicating time to your overall well-being is not only encouraged, it’s inevitable.

Sherakhan is available for charter in the Mediterranean this summer and in the Caribbean this winter via the central agency of Y.CO. Prices start at $425,000 per week. For more information, visit

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