The idea that art comes in many forms is exemplified in modern yacht designs, with artistic appeal that ranges from sculpted lines and sinewy curves to metallic tones and unprecedented textures.

By Diane M. Byrne


Star of the Sea

Completed in summer 2017, Sarastar, for sale for 47 million euros via Burgess Yachts, exudes opulence throughout its three decks. The 197-foot-long custom yacht drips with exotic marbles, onyx and semiprecious stones in its saloons and staterooms, specifically in the main lounge, where bookmatched marble in hues of green lies underfoot. Interior designer Luca Dini, who specializes in yacht decor, also hand-selected silks for furnishings and accessories, while the back-lit onyx bar separating the seating area from the dining table was specially designed for the space.

British Innovation

The 65-foot-long S6 is the first of several models planned for Aeroboat, a new British yacht manufacturer that gets much of its design inspiration from historic aircraft. (Just look at the S6’s teardrop-shaped cockpit and teak, winglike steps.) Customization is welcome, as buyers are free to request their preferred woods and fabrics on the interior. They may also choose from an open cockpit or one shaded by a hardtop or fixed bimini, while the interior lounge can easily become a master suite, separate from a second cabin.

Unrivaled Rivale

Yachting aficionados associate Riva with days chasing the sun along Italy’s shores. The Riva 56 Rivale, with its lacquered surfaces, leather seating and stainless steel details, is no different. Customers can tailor the interior to their tastes, although Riva’s signature style alternates high-gloss mahogany and other rich woods with leather and reflective surfaces. Along the hull is a thin aquamarine line, a theme carried throughout other models from the 175-year-old brand. Of note: The interior bar has a special compartment for a Champagne magnum.

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