Trending Wellness: New Year, New You

By Michele Marin

Does your New Year’s resolution include improving your overall health and wellness? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, losing weight and getting in shape were the top two resolutions for 2016. Yet studies suggest that less than 10 percent of those making New Year’s promises actually stick to them. While change is not easy, with these fitness trends, you will not only stay on task all year long, but you will have fun along the way!


Burn Baby Burn

Ever wondered what was behind those bright-orange splattered workout facilities? It’s Orangetheory, the innovative fitness craze created right here in South Florida. Molded after the “Orange Effect,” each 60-minute class is designed to ensure that your body continues to burn calories for up to 36 hours post-workout. Highly skilled coaches motivate participants through a variety of strength and endurance exercises using treadmills, rowing machines and TRX suspension training, always mixing things up so that you’ll never, ever, get bored.

Get Your Twerk On

If dressing up and getting down is your idea of fun, grab your sexiest garb and get glammed (lipstick is encouraged) for Vixen Workout. This booty-shaking, bass-pumping sweat session by professional dancer and choreographer Janet Jones is so entertaining, you won’t even realize you’re burning up to 1,000 calories per hour. Participants let loose as they are guided through easy-to-learn combinations inspired by the latest dance club moves. Trending all the way to NYC, Vixen Workout’s first stand-alone studio is set to open in Wynwood January 2017.

Get Fit with Friends

Need a little nudge to get out and start running? Join the Run Club Network, founded by Frankie Ruiz of U.S. Road Sports and Entertainment Group. Eight free weekly run clubs take place throughout the Miami area, where runners of all fitness levels show up at their preferred location for a group run. Expect a brief intro and warmup, a post-run stretch, and even a core workout set to music that is led by official pace leaders. Runners are broken up into pace groups, from 7-minute miles to 12-minute miles. To keep things interesting, the routes change weekly, and they occasionally end at a local hot spot for a post-run social.

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