Trending Wellness: Fitness Tips for Summer Travel

By Michele Marin

Whether your summer travel plans include jet-setting to exotic locales or booking business trips to convention halls, these simple strategies will help keep your fitness goals in check.

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1. Be Creative

Packing resistance bands, a jump rope, a yoga mat and other on-the-go fitness gear can make your workouts easier, but there’s plenty of ways to work up a sweat without them. “Use your surroundings: a bench for step-ups, or even rocks or logs for bicep curls and shoulder presses,” suggests Rachelle Ginsberg, a Miami-based travel blogger and fitness guru who just returned from a three-year trip around the world—and worked out every day! “Running the steps in exit stairwells is a great workout,” she adds. You can also find personalized workout videos and record your status with apps like Sworkit, Fitness Buddy, Pocket Yoga and 7-Minute Workout.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan!

The quickest way to sabotage your nutrition goals is to let hunger take over. Plan ahead by packing nutritionally dense snacks such as raw veggies, berries, dried fruit and nuts. And when dining out, make smart choices. “All restaurants offer healthy and vegetarian options—just look for grilled or broiled entrées,” says Ginsberg. “Or check out a local market or grocery store to stock up on fresh produce and juices.” And remember: everything in moderation! Track your calories on your phone via apps such as Food Tracker, Eat Out Well and Happy Cow.

3. Drink Well

Alcohol is not only high in calories, but it can impede your judgement, which can lead to overeating. Of course, travel is also about enjoying yourself, so when you do imbibe, avoid sugary mixers (stick to soda water with a lime or lemon), choose wines such as pinot noir, which has a high resveratrol content, and stick to ale beers, which boast the highest level of phenols, a naturally occurring antioxidant. And be sure to ramp up hydration to keep fatigue, jet lag—and hangovers—at bay. Aim for at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. Apps such as iHydrate and Waterlogged can help remind you to drink up.

4. Research Hotel Fitness Programs

Hotels are now catering to active travelers with offerings that go well beyond the gym. For example, the W South Beach recently launched FUEL, a selection of wellness classes led by celebrity trainer Simone Cavalletti. Research hotels before you book them to see if they offer any specialized fitness classes that you can look forward to during your stay.

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