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Enhancing Natural Beauty with Elegance and Versatility

There’s no time like the present for women to show time with their presence. The following timepieces combine technological advances in glamour with the sparkling artistry of legendary watchmakers. The result? Extravagant accessories designed to complement even the most magnificent ensembles.

Breguet  Classique Dame 9088

Breguet has a history of designing gracefully styled, gender-specific models of watches for women. Exceptionally crafted with real mechanical movements and a sleek leather strap, the beautiful Classique Dame 9088 pops 66 brilliant-cut diamonds from a luxurious bed of pure white gold.

Audemars Piguet New Millenary

AP recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Millenary, its trophy women’s collection. In honor of the occasion, the brand has introduced the New Millenary, a sophisticated series of timepieces featuring the signature ovoid dial. The breathtaking “Blue Edition” is well-appointed with an 18-karat white-gold case, 574 diamonds, a blue cabochon sapphire on the crown — and 360 degrees of wow factor.

Harry Winston Premier Precious Weaving

The limited-edition Premier Precious Weaving collection timepieces from Harry Winston feature a rare Japanese weaving technique in which gold threads are masterfully woven with mother-of-pearl to create a shimmery dial, which is surrounded by 2.47 carats of diamonds across the opulent buckle and case.

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