Trending Home: No Stone Unturned

As importers, distributors and fabricators of the world’s finest natural materials, family-run Stone Gallery works tirelessly to bring nature’s gift from quarry to home. 

By Robin Hodes

Art takes on many forms, from a painted canvas to a soul-stirring theatrical performance to a modern architectural wonder. But perhaps the most beautiful works of art are made not by artists or artisans, but by Mother Nature herself. Stone Gallery, the fourth-generation family-run purveyor of premier marble, granites and quartzites, as well as amethysts, geodes and fossils, works with leading designers and builders to bring this natural art into homes as one-of-a-kind kitchen and bath countertops, fireplaces, accent walls and more. 

Stone Gallery President Giovanni Briguglio, a third-generation stone master, scours the planet with his son, Dominic, to uncover exclusive materials, which are transferred to Italy, where they are cut and polished. The pieces are then shipped to the company’s state-of-the-art facility in West Palm Beach. There, Giovanni’s wife, Josephine; his daughters, Anna and Eliana; and a skilled team of professionals facilitate the art-making process from vision to completion. “When you select from our stones to fulfill a part of your high-end residential or commercial project, you are taking home a piece of our Earth to cherish forever,” Josephine says. 

To stay ahead of the latest trends in home design, the company leaves no stone unturned. Today, designers are loving natural white Cristallo quartzite, a translucent material that is as durable as it is captivating. “It’s a brilliant addition to lit-up kitchen islands, integrated powder room apron sinks and statement walls,” Josephine says. With the use of cutting-edge machinery, various finishes such as leathered, river-washed, bush-hammered, velvet and 3-D are also available. In addition, Stone Gallery offers the hottest man-made innovation: high-resolution, realistic graphic porcelain, which is currently sweeping the design world. 

Personalized care and attention are given every step of the way. “The pride that comes from being a fourth-generation family business is not something we take lightly,” says Josephine. “We help create miraculous works of art, one slab at a time.”

Stone Gallery, 3625 A Prospect Ave., West Palm Beach; 561.840.9669;

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