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When it comes to properly storing wine, experts agree: Your refrigerator isn’t enough.

By Caitlin Connors

Listen up wine lovers: Whether you own an expensive wine collection, entertain guests regularly or simply enjoy vintages at your leisure, proper wine storage is essential. Like all good things in life, wines are better when they are in the right environment.

“Unlike other beverages with higher concentrations of alcohol, wine perishes over time,” says Pablo Soifer, owner and general manager of MiaAppliances, a division of MiaCucina, which specializes in the design, distribution and installation of luxury kitchens. “The question shouldn’t be if you should invest in proper wine storage, but when. You don’t have to be a wine aficionado to need proper wine storage.

“Better storage for the bottle simply means more enjoyment in the glass,” adds Soifer, who recommends only one brand of wine refrigeration to his clients: Sub-Zero. Why? Ordinary refrigerators do not maintain the correct temperature and humidity levels, nor do they offer the lack of light and vibration that is needed for a wine’s proper maturation. Too little moisture, for example, dries out the cork, while too much moisture makes the labels peel and rot—not the ideal look for a dinner party.

Instead, Sub-Zero wine preservation units use advanced technology and superior-grade materials that don’t merely cool, but guard against the “four enemies that can rob wine of its complexity and character: temperature, humidity, light and vibration,” says Soifer. The units maintain moderate humidity for this reason, while the UV-resistant, bronze-tinted glass improves your wine’s taste and prolongs its shelf life.

And let’s talk aesthetics—because this can matter as much as taste. These sleek appliances, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, integrate seamlessly into your kitchen’s décor, making, as Soifer says, “a dream kitchen come to life.” We’ll cheers to that!

To learn more about how you can build the kitchen of your dreams, complete with a Sub-Zero wine preservation unit, contact your nearest MiaCucina showroom:

105/107 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables; 305.444.7383
20385 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura; 305.792.9494
8975 NW 25th St., Doral; 305.792.9494;

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