The High Tech Travel Uniform

This collection of portable luxuries convert daily trips across town and around the world into first-class experiences with unlimited amenity-rich possibilities.

CuteCircuit_Mirror_handbag_photo by theodoros chliapas


 The world’s first interactive handbag connects wirelessly — and with customizable bling — to your smartphone through the QApp, then uses 1,000 micro-LEDs to illuminate and display text and social media messages across its high-gloss, laser-etched exterior in a flashy, fashionable and fabulous way.

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Elevate mobile itineraries with a suitcase that does everything for you but pack itself. A wealth of smart technology tracks the exact whereabouts, weight and security status of your bag at all times while also providing contemporary convenience with its portable power bank, virtual concierge and Bluetooth communication system.



Take the stress out of travel with a scientific marvel that simultaneously reads, relaxes and rejuvenates your mind. The high-tech electronic headband connects wirelessly to an app and soothingly guides you through any and all mental blocks to your customized happy place with an effortless method that transcends typical meditation techniques.




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