The Great Outdoor’s TV: The C Seed 201

Looking for outdoor entertainment on a massive, beautiful screen? Keep your keys in your pocket because we’re not heading to the drive-in — we’re heading to your backyard.
Designed by C SEED Entertainment Systems in concert with Porsche Design Studio, behold the C SEED 201, a TV that will fill your friends with TV envy. The 201-inch, (that’s right, 201 inches) 16:9 LED screen is made up of seven silently unfolding panels which interlock to form one seamless screen. And what a screen it is. Fully daylight compatible, the high- resolution retina LED display brings your favorite entertain- ment to life in 4.4 trillion radiant colors. And if necessary, the 270-degree rotatable screen can be adjusted by height and angle for optimal viewing.
It may seem odd to describe a 201-inch TV as minimalist, but that’s exactly what the C SEED 201 is. The overall design
is best described as sleek, and when not in use, the screen folds down into an underground hideaway, allowing you to build an outdoor entertainment system that won’t obstruct the scenery of your yard. The below-ground shaft is completely waterproof and provides year-round protection for the C Seed TV.
The C SEED 201 is available through Audio One, a company specializing in high-end, modern technological systems for the household. With a client roster featuring the likes of Aerosmith, KISS and Sting, their reputation is second-to-none in the world of home entertainment solutions.
Audio One is located at 1926 Northeast 154th Street, Miami 33162. For more information, call 305.945.1230, email or visit

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