The Art of Michel Art Gallery


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton
by Michele Marin

Located in the heart of downtown Miami, Michel Art Gallery has the honor of housing the works of many world-renowned artists. Here are just four great reasons to find, or lose, yourself when you visit the Michel Art Gallery.

Daring Contemporary
If you are looking for works that exhibit depth and liveliness, consider Montreal-born Charles Carson. Carson has gained recognition at the international level and has been acclaimed by experts and art historians for his unique technique that they have named “Carsonism.” His works convey a creativity and daringness that exude excitement.

Whimsical Fun
Play out your feelings through paintings that deliver joyful and exuberant colors and create a bridge between fantasy and reality. Claudio Souza Pinto sparks the mind’s eye with paintings full of glazing, meticulous detail and beautiful composition. To own a piece of Brazilian-born Pinto’s work is an invitation to disconnect from reality and unleash our imagination.

Bold Abstract
Throughout his quest to “create new art forms and bring entertainment to the world,” Steve Zaluski’s sense of adventure and celebration of life are evident. His abstract sculptures feature intricate curves that seem to move in the wind and include a geometric series that symbolizes man working with the power of nature. In a sense of go big or go home, free-flowing shapes awaken the senses.

Tranquil renewal
Optimism, hope and renewal resonate in the paintings of artist Garsot. Perhaps that is why the name “Garsot” is meant to signify a neutral entity. The Greek artist’s works comprise many different styles, from classic to modern to surrealism. Drawing inspiration from the environment, he takes colors from nature and enjoys revealing the inner and outer perspectives of people and things.

Michel Art Gallery is located at 3300 N Miami Ave., Miami.
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