Special Feature: Luxury in Motion—Yachts

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Luxury yacht and automobile companies are merging their talents to create some of the sleekest, most sophisticated yachts of the year.

By Diane M. Byrne

Arrow 460 Granturismo 

Silver Arrows Marine
likes to push boundaries. Case in point: When the luxury yacht brand partnered with Mercedes-Benz Style, it requested that the studio toss aside preconceived notions about yacht design and instead apply its fashionable automotive thinking. If you’re a fan of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, you’ll note similarities. In fact, the day cruiser’s ports (windows) are exactly the same shape as those of the car. It also mixes the benefits of an open yacht with those of a cabin-equipped cruiser. Inside, you’ll find eucalyptus paneling, plus a built-in wine chiller. The dimmable glass lends a little privacy, too—or an air of mystery as you’re cruising past shore. Following the successful build of a test boat, the Arrow 460 Granturismo is now set for a 10-unit production run. silverarrowsmarine.com

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