Must-Try: Tosca

With a venue that’s alive with the romance of La Dolce Vita, Tosca Miami will sweep you off your feet and en- chant and engage you from the moment you walk in the door. A glamorous showcase of some of the rar- est ingredients from around the world offers an excit- ing preview of the tremendous attention to detail that restaurateur Stephan Fortier has in store for your entire Tosca experience.
The fairytale-like courtyard that lights the way to the hidden dining area gives you the first taste of Tosca’s romantic ambience. It boasts such features as a poetry garden, stargazing station and an antique desk where lovers can pen “Letters to Juliet” (and receive a home- delivered response from her secretaries).
But the food! The food is where the real magic happens.
Following starters like homemade Foie Gras and Tuna Tartare, the Fettuccine with Mascarpone is tossed ta- bleside in a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano and topped with freshly shaved black perigord truffles, making a delicious feature on Tosca’s current tasting menu: A ro- mantic 8-course dining special for two, at $75/person.
Their pillowy chocolate mousse & crunchy pearls will leave a sweet smile on your lips as you and your date exit through the courtyard and rejoin the bustling energy of Collins Avenue with a delightful new secret to share.
210 23rd St., Miami Beach, 33139 786.216.7230 for reservations

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