Modern Garden: A Crudo Lounge with a Little Sizzle

Modern Garden: A Crudo Lounge with a Little Sizzle

Located on the banks of the Miami River, the elegant seafood brasserie Seaspice welcomes a new addition — an adjacent hot-stone and crudo lounge called Modern Garden. With newly appointed executive chef Benjamin Goldman at the helm, Modern Garden specializes in crudos, exquisite raw fish and seafood flavored in olive oil, sea salt, citrus and fresh herbs. Those who prefer their selections cooked can order from the hot stone menu and sear prime cuts of meat and fresh seafood on an 850-degree volcanic stone slab at the table.

Modern Garden offers indoor seating featuring a tree-like art installation, outdoor porch seating with water and city views, and a 500-foot docking facility allowing guests to dock alongside the restaurant.

Modern Garden and Seaspice

422 NW North River Drive, Miami  305.440.4200 |

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