Mission E: First All-Electric Porsche

Going green doesn’t have to mean boring. Porsche has given the green light to transform the Mission E concept to a production car, with an expected release date late this decade. According to the manufacturer, the upcoming fully electric, 600-horsepower sports sedan will reach 62 miles per hour in under 3.5 seconds, have a range of over 300 miles and will be able to almost fully charge in less than 15 minutes. Shocking news? You bet.

The Mission E concept has a low, aggressive stance, a curved hood and Matrix LED headlights that resemble quotation marks. The tapered rear design is unmistakably all Porsche and sports a continuous strip of light between its wide, bulbous fenders.

Individual bucket seats accommodate four passengers, and counter-opening doors offer an easy and dramatic entrance. The cabin is formed around a carbon monocoque shell that rests above an underbody of lithium-ion batteries stretching between the EV’s front and rear axles.

Plans are for the Mission E to be charged wirelessly by induction via a charging plate on the floor of your garage or by a cable connected to a charge port hidden on the side of the Mission’s front fender.

The first 100 percent electrically powered Porsche will feature virtual exterior mirrors that utilize an intricate camera system reflected in the lower windshield corners. Instrument navigation will be holographic and controlled by eye tracking and gesture control, and the system will detect the considered instrument by camera. Everything will work intuitively with a glance, as well as a touch of a button on the steering wheel. The future from Porsche is literally wow. porsche.com

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