Luxury Jeweler Unveils its Latest Masterpieces

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There’s a reason Cartier is one of the world’s most esteemed luxury houses. Known among the upper echelon as classic and elegant, the French jeweler consistently delivers. It comes as no surprise that the luxury brand has done it again. Call it infallible timing, but Cartier manages to simultaneously unveil both its new Maison in the Miami Design District as well as its latest collection, Clé de Cartier. And what better way to view the brand’s latest collection than in it’s stunning new two-story boutique in Miami’s Design District.

Entering the posh boutique conjures up the same feelings of enchantment and excitement that one may get while holding the designer’s signature red leather boxes embossed in gold. Imagine an interior with oak archways separating each room, reflecting the light from an impressive chandelier, both luxurious and modern to the senses. The new boutique includes a private viewing area, perfect for A-listers such as Angelina Jolie, Cristiano Ronaldo and Phillip Lim, to admire jewelry and watches. Here, one is surrounded by a library crafted in elegant white oak and sycamore. Walk up the limestone staircase to the 2nd floor to explore the Watch Salon. Drawing inspiration from Louis Cartier himself, the private viewing room for watches evokes a more masculine environment with black oak wood and ebony-finished paneling. Think sultry, elusive, daring.

Here you can be one of the first to view Clé de Cartier, the designer’s latest collection, which launched in April. There is a reason King Edward VII of England dubbed the French designer as “Jeweler of Kings and King of Jewelers.” Cartier has a rich history of creating innovative crowns. This time it is not only the watch’s most distinctive feature but also the inspiration for its name. ‘Clé’ in French means key, and the crown’s resemblance to one is unmistakable.

There is a certain audacity to the Clé de Cartier Collection for men; a look that exudes serene strength and self-assuredness. Perfect for those who embody a quiet confidence and tranquil force, this collection is for a man who has nothing to prove. The Clé De Cartier’s women’s collection is a fine balance between strength and grace. With its pared-down lines and sensuous note accentuated by diamonds set flush to the case, there’s a sober sophistication about this collection.

Nothing conjures a feeling of elegance quite like Cartier, and both the new boutique and Clé de Cartier Collection solidify the designer’s heritage: the quest for beauty, a duty of excellence and legacy to share.


139 NE 39th Street,, Miami, FL 33137




1. $19,700 / 40 mm, automatic, 18k rose gold, leather

2. $36,300 / 31 mm, automatic, 18k rose gold, diamonds

3. $33,600 / 35 mm, automatic, 18k white gold, diamonds, leather

4. $39,500 / 40 mm, automatic, 18k white gold

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