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1. You have lived in many amazing cities around the world; now you call Miami home. What about this city do you love?

I love Miami and have been living between Miami and London for some time. Of course the weather here is amazing, and being Australian, I feel really at home. I also love the cultural diversification and lifestyle that Miami offers. Most of all, home is where the heart is, and my heart is with family here in Miami.


2. You have accepted the honor of being the MC at the upcoming Women’s Fund Miami “Power of the Purse” charity event. The Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade improves the lives of women and girls through grant making, research and education. What message do you plan on delivering to the attendees?

It’s amazing what the Women’s Fund has achieved since their founding 22 years ago. They have provided more than $3.1 million to more than 400 gender-specific programs in our community, changing the lives of over 60,000 women and girls. That’s just through their grant making!  It’s an honor to be asked to host this event, and I believe even the smallest steps can make life-changing leaps.


3. Your highly successful businesses include Elle McPherson Intimates, TV shows such as Fashion Star and Next Top Model, and now WelleCo, home of the Super Elixir (an amazing alkaline green supplement). What did you learn from your modeling career that helped you achieve the level of success you have today?

I’m excited to share the message that good nutrition can transform peoples’ lives. This is why I founded Welleco, to share the Super Elixir nutritional greens powder to a wider audience. I’ve learned in my career to stand up for what you believe in and support what’s close to the heart, and I believe in this product so much that I created a company to support it. I also learned that I can do anything I want with heart, dedication and commitment.


4. You are the global ambassador for (RED), Breast Cancer Care, Unicef, Smile Foundation and NACOA, which must take up a lot of your time and energy. Why is being involved in multiple charities important to you?

I believe in giving back as I’ve been so fortunate in my life. Each one of these entities has been carefully chosen because it resonates with me on some level.


5. What advice can you give to young women aspiring to be just as healthy, glowing and radiant as you are now?

I believe that beauty starts on the inside. Nourish the body and spirit. I take the Super Elixir. I strive for a PH alkaline balance in my body as I believe acidity is the root cause of many diseases. I drink three litres of water, sleep seven hours a day and laugh a lot.


6. As a mom and business woman, there can’t be much time left in the day to spend on pampering or relaxing. Could you describe what a typical day looks like for you in terms of diet, exercise, supplements and beauty regime? 

I wake at 5 and take my time watching the day rise. I wake the boys at 6 and we are out the door for school after breakfast at 6:30. I eat fruit and have a coffee (espresso), and then take my Super Elixir full of vitamins and minerals at around 7:30.  I take it in coconut water.  I always make time to be outdoors for working out between 8 and 9 when I listen to music, run, swim, hike, bike or yoga. Then I shower and get to my office by 10:30. For lunch I have a salad with quinoa or barley, beets, avocado and whatever I can find in the fridge. I work until 2:30 when I do the school run again. We have dinner together at 7, usually fish and veg, and lights out at 9 — for all of us! If I need to schedule a beauty treatment I try to do it at 8-9 or 9-10 a.m.  My life is family centric, and I fit business in between. This keeps me very organized so I can achieve a lot in a small amount of time.


7.  What’s your inspiration for the interiors of your new Miami home?

Mixing my husband’s beautiful home and taste in architecture and design with my eclectic collection of art and furniture.


8. What’s your favorite boutique for clothes and shoes?

I love the new Chrome Hearts store in the Miami Design District — so cool!!! Great product in a beautiful location. The Design District is really growing, and I love what Craig Robins has achieved in this neighborhood.

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