Get to Know: Faith Haslem

By Sue Reddy


Faith Haslem is not only the wife of the Miami Heat’s power forward Udonis Haslem (the two were college sweethearts at the University of Florida), she is also a social media influencer and fashion maven in her own right. Her surprisingly low-maintenance, casual style has garnered her more than 28,400 Instagram followers, who look to the Virginian-born fashionista for the latest trends and outfit inspiration. Haslem is also active in a variety of local charities, most of which involve helping children, and she will soon open her own concept store in Miami featuring trendy sneakers and other fashionable footwear.

How did you get into the blogging/social media sphere? I was hesitant to join social media. My sister peer-pressured me into Facebook about seven years ago. When Twitter came along, I enjoyed reading everyone else’s tweets more than writing my own. But when Instagram was introduced, I was intrigued. I liked the idea of posting straight-up pictures to tell stories. When I was finally ready, Adrienne Bosh helped me create my account.

You’re involved in the Miami community, what are some of your pet projects? I love anything that benefits kids. I participate in various activities and fundraisers to encourage kids in sports and staying active.

Were you always interested in fashion? I’m a tomboy at heart. I grew up playing sports competitively. My sister is really into fashion. She has an amazing eye and has always loved clothes and styling. She would dress me as a kid when I would let her! It was during college that I became more interested on my own. I loved the idea of staying true to myself as a tomboy, but being able to express that through fashion and clothes. I think I mistakenly associated fashion with being a girlie-girl, but once I realized that wasn’t the case, I couldn’t get enough!

And your thoughts on accessories? Love them! They make or break an outfit. I can throw on jeans and a tee and amp it up with a beautiful neck scarf. Fun elements like that are what make accessories so important.

Where do you find inspiration? Street-style pictures, my own athletic background and my sister.

There’s a rumor that you were going to open a shoe store in Miami. Is there any truth to that? Yep! It’s still in the early stages, but hopefully I’ll have a lot more to share on that in the near future.

Favorite destination to travel: Greece!

Brunch Spot: First Watch

Dinner Destination: Sardelli in Hollywood

Gym: Pro Performance in Davie

Spa: Mandarin Oriental, Miami

Shopping: Aventura Mall and the Design District

Jeweler: Koosh Jewelers

Charity close to your heart: The Udonis Haslem Children’s Foundation, which was founded by my husband in 2005, promotes youth development and self-confidence through various programs that are designed to enable children to reach their full personal and academic potentials.

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