Publisher’s Pick: The Setai Grill

Meat lovers of Miami, this one’s for you. The Setai Hotel in Miami Beach recently opened its restaurant extension, the Setai Grill, where expert chefs Mathais Gervais and Thomas Griese have designed their creative and exciting recipes around premium quality dry-aged meats procured from LaFrieda & Son, in NYC. And while the star of their menu is definitely those jaw-dropping cuts of steak and lamb, don’t let them steal the entire spotlight. Gervais and Griese have included on their tantalizing menu some hard-to-find culinary gems that have our publisher, Lynette Janac, already planning her second visit.
For a rare and delicious charcuterie, go with the Pata Negra. Boasting the best in its class, this ham comes from the pampered, acorn-fed hogs of southwestern Spain and is aged for three years before the thin, salty slices find their way to your plate.
If you’re craving a light protein as an alternative to the red meats, go with the highly sought-after catch, Dover Sole. Seared meunière, with parsley, lemon juice and brown butter, the flaky fish has a succulent flavor that speaks for itself.
And don’t worry about finding that perfect wine to pair with your meal. “Daniel Toral has produced one of the best wine lists that I’ve ever seen,” raves Janac of Setai’s sommelier.
Among the array of sides is a melt-in-your-mouth Gnocchi, with tomato confit and nicoise olives that pack a punch of Mediterranean flavor straight from the Amalfi Coast. Finish your evening on a sweet note, with the Gervais’ family recipe for a seasonal fresh fruit tart. Then, take Janac’s advice, and peruse the menu one last time, so you’ll know what to get for your next visit.
In the Setai Hotel, 2001 Collins Ave., Miami, Florida 33139. Call: 305.520.6400 for reservations.


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