BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Anima Domus: 20 Years and Counting

Co-founder Marconi Naziazeni discusses the past, present and future of his Italian furniture showroom, Anima Domus.

By Robin Hodes

In Latin, Anima Domus means “the spirit, or essence, of the home.” Those words couldn’t ring truer for this family-owned business, which was founded in 1998 by Marconi and Silvia Naziazeni. With a passion for contemporary, Italian-made design, they provide an unwavering commitment to quality, service, value and a sustainable planet. True to its translation, Anima Domus is not only about products, but rather the stories and memories that clients build around them.

Aside from extensive collections, it is the fully immersive design experience that sets Anima Domus apart. By going the extra mile to understand and analyze each client’s individual needs, they can create beautiful, livable and functional solutions that stand the test of time. And because their relationships mean more than anything, they monitor your order all the way from Milan to Miami, until it is perfectly installed in your home.

“It is amazing to look back and see how much we have grown. The journey has been quite special,” Marconi says. South Florida Luxury Guide congratulates Anima Domus on its 20th anniversary, and we look forward to seeing how this success story continues to unfold.

What sparked the beginning of Anima Domus? The origin of Anima Domus is a journey that started in Brazil. Silvia and I were raised in the country’s most contemporary city, Brasília, amid the provocative and captivating work of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. I was a businessman in the tech field; she was an architect and interior designer. When we moved to Miami in 1996, we decided to unite our contrasting skill sets and our inherent love for contemporary design. We then launched a showroom dedicated to bringing the world’s finest home furnishings to South Florida.

Why is it so significant that your company is family-run?
Our economy is dominated by large-scale corporations. However, each one of our clients wants to be treated uniquely. They want their specific needs to be recognized and understood. As a family-run business, we can provide this kind of personal attention.

Did you ever dream Anima Domus would grow into the force it is today? Of course! The secret is to keep growing, while staying committed to our values and not losing the special touch that differentiates us. We are very proud of what we have accomplished.

What sets Anima Domus apart from its competitors? We built Anima Domus to provide not only beautiful contemporary design for our clients, but also to deliver real and applicable full-concept solutions to their contemporary lifestyles. Our highly experienced in-house team controls the entire process, from furniture selection, to logistics, to installation. We truly enjoy interacting with clients and take the time to learn about their vision for the spaces that we will be developing together. Based on this very personalized interaction, we can provide the best solution, taking into consideration all important aspects of the project: design, function and budget.

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