Exploring the Jaguar F-Type

by Cosmo Iannopollo

The Jaguar — an automobile so iconic that it gets its own pronunciation. But how does a manufacturer that has been creating iconic cars since the ‘30s break new ground? Find out with our sneak peek at the 2014 Jaguar F-Type.

First and foremost, the F-Type is a true sports car. This two-seater goes 0-60 in just over five seconds, features a fast response steering rack, double wishbone suspension and driver-centric cockpit, and is available with two separate supercharged V6 engines, or a shockingly powerful V8.

What really sets the F-Type apart is its technological advances. Adaptive Dynamics analyzes things like acceleration, braking and cornering, and then uses sophisticated software to ensure the most appropriate gearshift strategy is selected in normal operation. Sport Mode increases performance by shortening gearshifts and raising shift points. In Dynamic Mode, the car’s software enhances the F-Type’s sporting character even more: Sharpened throttle response, increased steering weight and quick gearshifts at higher engine speeds help the F-Type perform to its peak capabilities. Optional Configurable Dynamic Mode can be manually programmed to the driver’s desired characteristics.

The F-Type’s aerodynamics also benefit from advanced electronics. Active Aerodynamics help improve performance with a rear spoiler that automatically deploys at speeds over 60 mph. Even the door handles retract at speed, reducing drag along the flanks of the car.

Inside, the Jaguar SportShift Selector offers full auto mode, sports mode and manual operation, which allows easy shifting to match your preferred driving style. Within the dash you’ll find an 8-inch full color touchscreen that puts you in control of the car’s navigation and infotainment, as well as the optional Dynamic-I display, which can display things like throttle response and G-forces.

Larry Zinn, General Manager of Warren Henry Automotive Group where the F-Type will be sold, was more than pleased with Jaguar’s newest release. “The F-Type is the first true two-seater Jaguar sports car since the legendary E-Type, a car that brings ‘cool’ back to the brand. The best part of all is that this car will perform as well as it looks, and it is a showstopper!”

Visit www.jaguar.com/gb/en/ftype/ to explore the F-Type further.


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